Enchantments from the Studio

December 20, 2004


Steampunk Doll, taught with Georgina Diaz,
June 5-June 28 $30


Beaded Felt Ball Necklace
Online Class, May 8-May 28



Online Class, April 3- April 28

You will learn how to do simple beading, and how to impart healing powers to your doll by using intention, herbs, and crystals.

Basic sewing skills are necessary. (closed) available as a tutorial $30



A visual manifestation of the change you want to bring to your life.

Online Vision Board Classfor artists and non-artists

Create the Life you want!

There are many types of vision boards. This Vision Board class, the first of a series, will lay the foundation to the various types of vision boards: GRATITUDE. These classes are not about just pasting up pictures of things you want, which is just wishful thinking. You will be guided to look beyond the surface, making powerful changes possible.
Closed, but available as a tutorial $50


Cigar Box Shrine Online Class

February 1 - 28
In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we will make a shrine to honor someone (or something) we love. The first week we will spend talking about and gathering suitable objects for your individual shrine. In the weeks which follow you will paper and paint your box, and learn how to combine and arrange your memorabilia into a working whole which conveys your sentiments.

My shrine is entitled "My Blu Heaven" in honor of my sweet kitty who left this life on Jan. 7, 2009. As you can see, there is nothing morbid about this. I have honored him in his affectionate, sweet and playful self. I "needed" to do this piece, but there is no reason why you shouldn't do a shrine in honor of someone presently in your life.



To usher in the new year with Intention

We will be creating a very personal doll with our own face, and we will use personal prosperity symbols of abundance representing all that we intend for ourselves in the new year. We will also take a brief overview of the energetic properties of stones and crystals in addition to the symbology of color.

This will be a three dimensional mixed media art doll, using my "wrapped doll" technique. Sewing will be optional. Students will be encouraged to work with attention to good design principles while making a figure uniquely their own.

Now available as a tutorial, $50

SHIPPING TAGS: The New Artist Canvas

A Design Class for Serious Students

Large shipping tags happen to be the inexpensive, and very useful vehicle for learning the elements of design.....as in art school. I don't recommend this class for anyone already happy with what they are doing, only to students who want to learn what the criteria of good design consists of, and how to achieve that.


Available as a Tutorial, $50


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